Intro to Meditation: There is none, life is the start and finish.

Meditative Rock

A widespread understanding of becoming: “The best version of yourself.” 

By Sandra Hunaidi, KPU student

There is much hype growing in the spirituality scene. Talks and trends about what foods to eat, drinks to drink, and lifestyles to follow.

The emphasis on self-care, growth, and reflection is rising for a reason. Diets and spiritual practices are designed to help people for different times in their lives. Water, sleep, meditation, and exercise are key stabilizing modules to live by.

Most of what we experience is an illusion, crafted by others. Be cautious to who, what, where, or why you chose to invest your focus. We’re constantly changing and becoming dependent on the “step-by-step” rhythmic of being. The recipe changes for everyone. Yes, outer resources are beneficial in moderation and with skepticism. It’s important to remind yourself that every human experience is different. Truth is in the eyes of the perceiver. 

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to live when it’s your life being lived. Ultimately it’s you who decides what’s best for YOU. 

Falling victim to illusion circulates more fear. Fears of being broke, getting fat, being lonely, or dying.

Attachment to beliefs and dietary rituals will only get you so far.  Energy doesn’t need permission, or to feel accepted by others in order to be. It just is. We’re energy, so why do we do things that cause us to struggle?

The first thing I will offer you is, drop the idea that there is a better version of yourself out of arms each. And in this moment, right now, think, I am the best I can be. Feel it, keep reminding yourself, and give thanks.

When we imagine something that existing outside of us we’re thinking of something we that don’t have. Make it easier for yourself by believing you’ve already achieved your life goals, rather than thinking you need to work or struggle for something that already exists within. You’re enough. In this moment, right now, you have everything you need.

Everyone is different, and nobody should feel guilty if they eat pizza, sleep in from time to time, or like expensive things. Trust who you are and in return The Universe will support you.

Consumerism and self-esteem are by-products of money, and will always be. To find balance we should embrace flaws in life the way we do our dark side. Live in duality. Learning to accept ourselves we accept each other, with non-judgement.

Meditation is a way people use thoughts and emotions to live in their best life.

Magic exists for everyone. But how do we feel it? Modern studies on consciousness are being helped to define by science. Our energy, and the quantum field. There may not be straight forward answers for us, as there is no right or wrong experience of consciousness, we still have our inner wisdom for guidance.

Talking to others about metaphysics and playing with magic can be difficult. To fully experience magic it involves less talk and more trust. If you don’t know who you are, meditation is the perfect thing that connects us to our inner being. Ask yourself life’s biggest questions with the intention that you’ll receive an answer.

Thoughts create reality and perpetuate emotion. Using meditation quiets the ego and you become more in tune with the way you create your life story. Over time, you experience empowerment in choosing how to feel. You’re self-aware, and conscious. Self-awareness attracts harmony and solitude to life. You control the speed.

Get in check with how you feel to understand the beauty of self-sovereignty. Feel the magic, in this moment, right now, and give thanks.



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