KPU Community Spotlight – Winter 2019

KPU Sport and Recreation’s semester-based activity guide showcases KPU students, staff and faculty who have experienced the benefits of physical activity and the impacts it has on their health and wellbeing. We ask participants to reflect on the question, “How does physical activity positively impact your overall wellbeing?”

This semester we are featuring, Alexia, a student, and Simon, an employee of KPU:


 Alexia - Student Profile

“Physical activity improves my wellbeing as I am able to take my mind off of current stressors and focus my thoughts on the challenge at hand. When performing physical activity, I can usually be found in either the fitness centre lifting weights, the gymnasium playing basketball, attending fitness classes such as kickboxing or hiking B.C.’s backcountry. I am addicted to the feeling of self-gratification when I lift a weight that exceeds my previous best, seeing myself improve on certain moves in a fitness class, or once I’ve reached the summit of a hike and am rewarded with a beautiful view. It is the success and results that I see in myself that keeps me in a positive mindset as well as coming back for more. Following a workout, a class or a hike my mind is refreshed for the time being and I can return to my daily routine with a clear head”.


 Alexia - Student Profile

“Growing up I always wanted to fit into a medium sized t-shirt. For most of my teen years, I settled for XL. I ate whatever I wanted, I wasn’t great at sports, and being a bigger kid, I lacked the confidence to try anything remotely athletic in high school. I didn’t know what my inactivity and shoddy nutrition was doing to me, both inside and out. I wanted to make a change and realized there was only one person in the world that could make that possible – me. So, I began using the gym on campus who encouraged me to do the small, everyday things that contributed to improving my overall health and fitness. I began to see improvement with my grades, focus and outlook on life. Discovering recreation early on in post-secondary changed my life. It means I’ve found a balance between life, working, and staying fit. It means working towards a challenge and pushing beyond the comfort zone. While I haven’t looked back, it doesn’t mean I forget what it was like to be there. This has and will always help me better relate to others. I think with the right amount of focus, anything is possible.”

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